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    Stopped here for dinner since it's about one minute from my house and I had never been here before.  The parking lot was packed so we almost didn't stop.  There was an event in a party room so the parking lot was deceiving.  This place is really big with a full bar, dining room and party area.  I ordered a burger (there's a surprise!) which was very good, roll was good and the burger was juicy and just the right temperature.  I was disappointed in the fresh cut beer battered fries, hence the 3 stars - I prefer regular fresh cut fries sans the beer batter.  My friend had boneless wings which he reported were quite good.  Server was extremely helpful and attentive.  Dining room was clean and bright.  There were also tables outside.  I'll be back!

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    Slow service, but the food was good. IT took about 40 minutes for two taco salads, and a chicken wrap, and this was when the room was half full. I guess these days you can't always have both.

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