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    I came here with a group of friends late on Friday night.

    Alf Laylah was close to our dinner location in Tysons Corner, so we decided to check it out.

    Their customer service left MUCH to be desired. Our particular waiter was very young, and although he was nice, he was very green, but not good at his actual job. Attentiveness and timeliness were not things that were of importance to the wait staff, in my opinion.

    First and last time I will be frequenting this particular spot.

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    I have not heard favorable things about Alf Laylah, so I avoided this place until today. I went for lunch with a group of co-workers and had a pleasant experience. Before we walked inside, there was this pretty woman offering free baklava desserts.There were about 6 huge trays of different types of desserts laid out in the sun. I had 1 dessert before and after lunch.

    Only 1-3 other small parties inside. One for lunch, the others for hookah.

    Mediterranean style food here-
    Foul Moudammas  (3.5/5, good, but too lemony for my taste)
    Chicken Kabseh (4/5, simple chicken and rice dish, generous serving)

    They do not have all you can eat kabobs anymore, even though their menu says it.

    This spacious place converts to a nightclub/lounge after dusk.  From what I heard, a good amount of ethnic crowds chill here.

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    Food wise the shawarma is pretty good and the service is attentive.  But this review is for the singer that shows up on saturday nights....or maybe even some other nights...I mean the guy is really good....

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