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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
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  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating

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    Bland, boring food. Would not eat at this place again.

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    The food is just not good. I have order MANY things off their menu and it is just horrible. The service is decent and atmosphere is good. Lots of tvs and big screens to watch sporting events. During the weekend this place is ok and attracts a decent crowd to its bar. Bartenders are great and make good drinks. Would recommend it for a few drinks but definitely NOT their food!

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    Well i wish i had read the review prior to going to eat here.  I have come here a few times for beers and a caps game but never ordered food.  

    This time i went for a solo dinner without kids.  Bar is great with all the tvs but that is really the only reason to go here.  

    Do not, i repeat do not order the steak and cheese.  It was quite possibly the most overseasoned meal i have ever had.  I think that the cook had the salt shaker set to kill instead of stun.  Wow!!

    I ate my meal and when the bartender asked me how it was i told her.  She said she would tell the manager.  She returned 5 minutes later with a 5 dollar coupon for my next visit.  Nice try but fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, i dont think so.  

    If a steak house cant do a good steak and cheese sandwich then i think its time to change the name.  They are lucky that pat and gino dont come down from philly and give them some "constructive critcism"

    If any one wants a 5 dollar coupon for this place, just hit me up!!

    To sum it up, dont eat here.  You have lost one ashburn resident.

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