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    As seen on Diners, Drive Inns, & Dives.  First thought, this is what I get for watching the food channel.  Guy definitely did not stress the DIVE part enough.  Beers here are served in full one liter steins (HUGE beers).  At first I thought the huge beers were cool.  Then I realize it's because the waitress only comes around every fort-night.  One could die of thirst while waiting for the waitress if not for the huge beers!  The food was good (except for the greasy fries), but I can't say it was worth the hour plus wait after ordering...

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    Great burgers and fries!  The server asked if we would like our daughters burger cut in half because of the portion. Server was great very friendly. I had the Cream Cheese Olive Burger. It was amazing. Place is busy for a reason great food. This place has a outdoor patio but was full because of how nice it was outside. Make the trip worth the drive. Very close to Duluth.

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    I had heard rumblings of this place from friends and co-workers that I MUST hit this place up when i'm in Duluth.  Well, I finally stopped by this joint and boy was it an experience.  

    Now, before I go on, be warned that you will NOT get 5 star service; you won't even get 1 star service.  This place does NOT take credit cards, cash/check only.  You only go to Anchor Bar for great burgers and cheap pitchers of beer.  It's not a place you go for Sunday Brunch with your family.  You've. Been. Warned.

    We parked out back and made our way through the make-shift temp back door, cigarette/spit bucket included.  Once you walk in, it's dark, slightly damp and you're afraid you'll catch something just sitting on any surface.  It's seat yourself and chances are you'll have to share a table with a few people (we did!).  The menu is simple, order a burger, get some fries and order your choice of cheap beer (bottle, tap, pitcher).  We ordered the Bacon Burger, Pineapple Burger, a bunch of fries and a pitcher of Grainbelt.  Served with no smile, major attitude and the feeling that you were NOT important.

    Beer arrived quickly with glasses slammed on the table (like SLAMMED). The food arrived shortly after that.  The first thing I noticed was half the bacon was burnt and for fear of getting a bandaid in my burger, I didn't say anything; this isn't the place to complain about ANYTHING.  Regardless of burnt bacon (black and brittle) I dug into the glorious burger.  Simple, greasy, filled with flavor; something that will hit the spot every time.  The fries, what can I say about the fries except they're AMAZING.  

    For all the food and beer we got, the total bill was $14.75.  That's right.  $14.75.  We laughed when the bill arrived and thought it was a joke or that our amazing waitress missed something.  The food is great, the service is awful and the atmosphere is nothing you can find anywhere else.

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