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    This is a chain...so you get what you get with a chain. We come here often for the 2 for $20 meal on nights we don't feel like cooking and it gets us by.

    Could use a nice scrubbing every once and a while. Constantly finding dirty booths and tables after we had been sat.

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    Avoid this place.  Horrible service.  Servers do not help each other.  Food (steak) was almost inedible.

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    I've eaten at apple bees plenty of times, because I love their Trio deal. But the one in sterling is just an absolute mess.  We walked in a little after lunch time on a Saturday since we've had a pretty big brunch.  The hostess was no where to be found.  We stood there literally for 5 minutes, hoping that any of the other employees that saw us would seat us instead.  As I was thinking about just walking out, we saw the hostess come out from the kitchen and seated us.  Our waitress took some time to get to us (she had no other tables but was just talking to bar tender and laughing).  After placing our food order, it took 30 minutes to get our food, which at other more upscale places i'd understand...but this is apple bees...it's not like they make anything from scratch.  I didn't order the trio this time, and ordered a pasta dish instead.  It was seriously the worst food I've had.  I would have preferred to eat McDonald's instead.  

    Some teenage kids came in and sat in the booth near us.  The restaurant at that point was dead and we were pretty much the only patrons besides people at the bar.  It seemed that those kids were our waitresses friends, because she sat down with them whilst walking past my empty glass of water that I had placed on the edge of the table for her to see and refill.  She sat down with them the entire time and talked about "some party last night, where they all got totally wasted".  Really?  Is this what employee's should be talking about near customers?  

    But that's not the worst part.  These kids were maybe 17-19 years old.  The manager came out who looked like a person I would not want to be around with my kids, and he was flirting with a girl that looked like she was MAYBE at the most 18 years old.  It was frankly disgusting.  The manager looked like he was in his early 30's, and the girl was very uncomfortable.

    I will not be returning back to this nasty, disgusting place.

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