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    Been to several things here.  Always a good time.  Great addition to Bethlehem!

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    This review is of the walking tour of the Bethlehem Steel site, not of the facility in general.

    I believe we paid $14 per ticket for the tour. Our guide Mike appeared to be unaware of the frigid temps and icy winds and completely uncaring of the fact that his entire tour group was frozen solid after 15 minutes outdoors in 15-degree wind chill. We spent almost 90 bone-chilling minutes on this  tour, which comprised strolling along the public sidewalks and looking at the same empty buildings that you see any day of the week at this site. Worse was the shameless hawking of their film, books and gift shop items. But worst of all was the lack of content of the guide's spiel, which was devoid of any information on the steel making process, the scope of the Beth Steel facility and its impact on the area. Did you know that steel making was dangerous, that many ethnicities worked there and that global competition put the company out of business? Well, DUH, yeah, we already knew all that. This tour is an embarrassment to an otherwise fine organization.

    Get  yourselves five or six site plaques with the minimal info on this tour, and make it a self-guided walking tour....it will take 20 minutes. Or get a historian to do the job properly and deliver at least SOME experience beyond the public footpath. This could be and should be a telling of a significant American boom to bust story, but in its current form, it is to be avoided. What a pity.

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    Love the ArtsQuest Center - especially at night with the lights on the Steel stacks.  They have a really nice movie theater, a little ice cream and movie food place and gift shop.  Overall a great place to go and hand out.  Musikfest was awesome there this year!!!!

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