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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Just a great place to get a drink and have some good food.  They seem to put a surprising amount of thought and effort into their menu.  I could handle them having a few more beers on tap, but I'll take a couple of super friendly, down to earth owners over that any day!  They've been running this place for 17 years and seem to love it, and so do their patrons.

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    They've got Buzztime trivia and will put it on even if some bozo really wants to watch the St. Louis basketball game.....this is Ashburn, not St. Louis.  Sorry.  

    The food is well priced and very good - Saturday night they have a "buy two for $22" special on steaks and prime rib.  It is noisy, people here love to party and drink, the music is all over the map, but there is no other place quite like it.  A little far to go for a Reston-ite like  me, but a nice diversion.   Need more craft beers on tap, though....

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    A very unique place given it's geolocation of Ashburn.  The Florida Gator decor is cool, and the crowd likes to drink.

    My funny story is the first time I went, I walk in the front to find two 50 something women dancing on the bar.  A sight to behold.  And they were not lookers.

    Came back for a friend of a friend's surprise birthday party - good band, and fun.

    They also have a driving service that picks up or drops off - haven't used it - have taken cabs, but nice touch.

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