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    Great neighborhood bar and great prices!

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    Surprisingly a nice bar right across the street from UDF. There is a patio but it is often full of smokers, so be ready for that. Drinks were strong enough and the bartender was nice. What more do you need? Well, there are some snacks including popcorn, so feel free to load up on the salty stuff. Clientele was typical blue collar hard working friendly people. Parking is free and on a side street.

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    Wouldn't have ever expected a place so nice! I drive past Babes almost everyday and always lumped it in with all the other whole-in-the-walls in Cheviot.  

    Clientele is about the same as every other dive in cheviot, but decor and atmosphere are great.  Looks like it has been recently renovated and was very clean.  

    The bartender was friendly and no one made us feel like we weren't welcomed as newbies to this local-only kind of place.  Drink prices are fantastic as well!

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