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    I think this place has potential, the bathrooms were clean, at least at the beginning of the night. Well stocked with toilet paper, which is always good. I definitely do not think they realized how easily a place can get trashed when you throw a rave like party. It's really not their fault. I would go there again! Of course, I wouldn't go alone, the shopping center is uber ghetto.

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    This place is a filthy dump in some slimy shopping center in Houston's southwest China town.  I went to some electronic event here to see some famous Drum and Bass DJs.  What a mistake.  It was full of trashy smelly people.  All the seating was reserved and of course there weren't any people using this "reserved seating." They had a couple rent-a-cops playing on their phones and another couple HPD officers.  The event had their own staff of kids who were obviously on drugs walking around being annoying.  One of them wearing a mask came right up to me and motioned to his tripping glasses like he wanted me to look through them. He smelled like he had crapped his pants.  Later he started harassing my friend asking him for his ticket.  There was another room besides the main room, but it was really a hot garage.  I really wanted to see the DJs that night but ended up leaving early because of this ridiculousness. When I left the idiot door guy put a giant A on my arm with a marker thinking I would come back.  Don't waste your money or time with this dump.

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