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    I'm done here.  I went to backyard grill a few months ago I had burgers and wings.   The burgers and wings I had were decent... not too bad, but the service was horrible.  Which i can't understand because it wasn't even busy.  

    I went there today... I tried the prime rib not worth it.  Outback has better... sweet water as well.  The baked potato you can tell had been sitting all day the taste and consistency let u know it was either cooked early that day or the day before and was sitting in a warmer.  

    A friend ordered steak with sauteed mushroom (mushroom never came... and when he asked the waitress she took forever bringing it out... and it came when he was almost done eating.  Another asked for salad with dressing on the side.  The waitress brings it out and says "I put the order in for dressing on the side but they put the dressing on anyways."  Uh... I could not understand why she even brought it out instead of bringing out the correct order.  Fries came out soggy and not even crispy.    

    Why is it that this time as well there was barely anyone inside (except for at the bar) and the service still failed.  

    There really are better places to go get food if you go here to drink and are wasted then the food doesn't really matter, but if you want an actual meal go anywhere else.

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    Mediocre food at a high price isn't a selling point for me.  Despite that, I've given Backyard Grill more chances than it really deserves to impress me.  Why?  Because I really want to love their Sunday brunch buffet - But, I just can't.

    The food is subpar at best; some of it is just plain awful.  The scrambled eggs always have a ton of liquid in them from sitting untouched too long, the biscuits are hard, the pancakes/waffles are very dried out and starchy, and the omelets produced on the omelet station are just awful.  I'm not sure what kind of eggs they use for them, but they are so disgusting in taste.  They can't be fresh eggs.

    Service is hit or miss - Though usually miss.  Getting drinks refilled is a challenge unto itself.  They are also pretty lax when it comes to clearing plates, or asking in general how everything is.  Don't bother asking for things such as ketchup or hot sauce, because if they do ever get around to bringing it, you'll get a teeny tiny black plastic cup of it.  They can't even bother to bring the bottle?

    Despite these very huge cons, there are some highlights to be had on the brunch buffet - The shrimp cocktail is always pretty fresh and tasty, though we have had an instance where they were overcooked, and the cocktail sauce is always very spicy.  The sausage gravy is pretty good, and certainly helps to soften up their meteorite bricks - Also known as their biscuits, and their eggs Benedict while not the best is edible.  The potatoes are good when they are cooked all the way through, but sadly they usually aren't.

    I really love breakfast foods, and even more so, I really love buffets, but at $20.00 per head, Backyard Grill just doesn't do it for me.  There are too many cons in my book which just don't make the pros worth the price of admission.

    I've also been for lunch a couple times and tried their sandwiches.  The Reuben and Club are okay, but very high priced for what you get.  Personally if I was going to pay a premium for a sandwich, I'd rather just go to a deli and get a "real" sandwich, which is larger, fresher, and tastier, and roughly the same price.

    Backyard Grill has seen the last of my hard earned money.

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    Great outdoor area!
    Good food (good burgers)
    Great Service, a top notch customer experience!
    Great Desserts
    No frozen Drinks (sadly)

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