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    Love bar Louie. Yea, it's a little expensive, but that's because it's worth it. Awesome food and even better drinks. Service at the bar was fantastic and the scenery wasn't too bad either. HIGHLY recommend,

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    This is not my type of bar, at all.  Barely ever will I go to a place like this. The little personality it does have feels a little stuffy and mundane. So why did I? Because, when I am about to see a movie, I feel the experience is more sensational when I've had a drink or two. There's a couple places to get a drink at Countryside Mall now, which is nice. So, I am grateful in that regard. However, my Stella was watered down. No question.  So, no thanks.  It was so obvious that I just stared at my glass feeling a little perplexed. Why ACTUALLY do this? Poor beer. Fortunately, it was happy hour so the price was less, kind of. I don't have much reason to go to Bar Louie to eat or drink again when there are still a few other options at the mall.

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    I was here for a staff party, so we had a giant party of 25+ people. That being said, the servers were awesome and we never waited long for anything. Really great job.

    Our appetizers were amazing. We had some Asian dumplings, warm pretzels with 3 different sauces, hummus and pita, and buffalo chicken. Everyone loved all of them.

    When our meals came out, I think they could have been great but everything was overlooked. My ahi tuna, other people's burgers, chicken, etc. I'd say this is due to trying to get so many orders out at once and probably isn't typical. It was tasty but overlooked.

    Fun place, and very nicely decorated.

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