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    The portabello for 1.00 for 1.00 burger night was fair. The turkey burger was probably the best in town at that price. That's great and everything but where they get you, is drink prices. My tab here always seems hilariously huge like it came out of nowhere. Their wines are not 10-15.00 per glass-worthy, and yet it really does cost 10.00 per glass. I'm so perplexed.

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    Place isn't bad. It is seat yourself which can be a pain when it is full. Place was hardly full the last time I went to watch football and we had our pick of over 2/3 of the place. Food prices are kinda on the high side and the quality is not all that great. They run some good specials on drafts and on Tuesdays they have dollar hamburgers after 5. I will pay 6.25 for huge draft but I refuse to pay 7 dollars for a shot of fireball whiskey. It is well located in the mall which makes it a nice place to hang out while the family goes shopping or to meet back up after shopping. All in all not great but not bad either.

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    $1 burger night is a pretty good deal.  The toppings are a la carte, so you might feel nickel-and-dimed to death when you start ordering your burger, but I assure you, it will be a lot cheaper than ordering one on any other day of the week.  I ordered the TURKEY BURGER; it was hot and delicious (see pic)!  Not the biggest burger on the planet, but I wasn't starving and the flame grilled flavor was heavenly.  I added mayo, cheese and tomatoes and the cost was $2.  I can definitely stand behind this burger for the price.  If it's cost was $8-9, I'd be pissed about it, in other words.

    Why not 4 stars?  Because the bartender had the personality of a cow chip.  This lady wasn't remotely friendly and seemed like she just couldn't be bothered with us.  La Chica made sure to passively let her know as well by making earshot comments like, "Should we just go sit at a table?"  Then, she placed a second order with a different bartender right in our bartender's face, as an extra jab.  It was classic.  

    Would I return?  For sure, but we will be getting a table next time.  The bar service at "Bar Phooey" is for the birds.

    Read my chica's review regarding her mini-portabella burger lol

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