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    This is the hip-hop club in Fairbanks.  If you like country music and mechanical bulls you'll have to go across the street.  This is NOT the place.  You will get frisked at the door, told to throw your jacket in a pile, and have to remove any headgear, bandannas, hats or other adornment from your head.  You'll also have to pay a cover of $5 to $10 depending on what time you arrive.

    Barracuda's has a DJ that plays random mixes of mostly Top 40, rock, rap and hip-hop Thursday-Saturday. Wednesday is karaoke night. Always lively and interesting, Barracuda's tends to attract a younger, predominately African-American crowd.  

    It's often referred to as "Barra-coochies" and lives up to its nickname.  Everyone is on the hunt there so be prepared to paint a target on your back the second you remove your hat and throw your jacket in the pile.  It's a fun place if you like to dance but the drinks are weak and a little expensive.  

    Since there aren't many alternatives for Top 40, I'll probably go back again.  But if you want to talk to someone in there, be prepared to scream.

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