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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating

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    There is NO mention in menu or by wait staff that there are NO FREE REFILLS.....ridiculous!!  The nachos and salads were good but the seafood dishes were overly salty and tomato-cream sauce has a very odd taste...do not recommend.  We were seated near the bar and it was VERY loud...not a great atmosphere for socializing.  Really want to like this place but 4/4 visits over the past 8 months have been very disappointing so we won't be back.....

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    Waitress was very nice. Food was not so very nice. The entire meal was just about as stale as stale can get. Egads. I haven't had this bad of a food experience in a long long long while. I am going to have to go ahead and use the word GROSS.

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    If you want to wait for appetizers for an hour then this is the place to go. We went there on 3/22/2013 and the waitress was clueless! Had to leave because it was annoying seeing her just walk by our table and not saying anything! Manager asked how was everything, we said it sucked and he said " oh im sorry to hear that" and kept it moving! How unprofessional! Warning: don't go there:(

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