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    Love family-owned places!

    Great bar scene, too! The service was top-notch: friendly, attentive, and very helpful (our server went over pretty much everything with us: menu options, the family history, etc. It was a great touch!). We've enjoyed pretty much everything on TBS's menu: oysters rockafeller (yum!), Greek antipasto, shrimp scampi, seafood concasse, and shrimp pesto omlette (awesome!), just to name a few!

    Definitely check out their brunch menu, too.

    They also offer carry-out, which is great if you're local!

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    I had never heard of this place until a friend was going to be playing a gig there. If you're not careful you can drive right past it! It's in a rural residential area and has a very rustic feel.  The staff (Ashley, Don, etc.) were great, friendly and incredibly accommodating.  

    They have some great beers on tap and I only had the veggie pizza, but it was awesome. Everyone in our party raved about how good the food was.

    With live music, it's a great place to hang and have a few beers on a Saturday night or come earlier and bring the family. I'd highly recommend it!

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    Service friendly but poor.  Ahi was horrible, salad so-so, filet tender and bland looking broiled.  The lamb shank was pretty good.  The food was very pricey for what we got.  The inside was hot and humid so we moved outside which had many smokers.

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