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    Thank God they Remodeled. I drank here in my 20's and had bad puking spell that left a stain on the carpet..No stain remained.

    I decided to give em a try again in my 40's because I read in LV Style Magazine that they were the best place to get a burger in the Lehigh Valley. ( Although I personally would rather go to Werts Cafe or The Burger Shack any day, Hell even Yocco's the Hot Dog King makes a better burger) .

    Let's start with cleanliness and decor. I would say they are far from Divey but it is pretty dark in the Bar area to the point that if you just want to eat there and were never there to know to just sit anywhere, you'd be standing for a bit like we were.

    There was about 10 people seated at the bar and no one in the dining room. Thankfully I had cash on hand, having not read the previous reviews on yelp that it's a cash only joint. Seriously if that's the case they need to make that clear somewhere, I didn't see it posted outside or even in the menu.

    I was a little miffed at the no french fries issue but they must have a fryer because they sell deep fried chicken wings and mozzarella sticks, I guess they just prefer to not make french fries. It's a tad ridiculous that chips just don't come with the meal either.

    Jess ordered the Baroness which is a BBQ chicken sammich. The waitress actually asked how she wanted it cooked. It's a chicken sammich for Christ's sake make sure it's cooked plain and simple...Makes me assume no one ever orders anything but the burgers. Came with a pickle and a hot pepper cut in half, she had a bag of chips extra as well.

    I got the Baron which was a 1/2 lb huge burger with onions and cheese and BBQ Sauce and I got mushrooms instead of bacon. I got my burger medium.
    The burger was cooked perfectly and juicy but bland, might help with a simple salt and pepper while ya cook it ya know toppings are great but i want a slightly seasoned piece of beef. I got a side of very yummy red potato salad but it came in a plastic take out container that was pretty small and came before my burger woulda been better if served on the plate with the burger.

    Aside from those 10 people in the bar the dining area was empty but took a reallllllllllllllly long time for us to get our meals. The waitress was perky and not rude at all but eh, I just don't think they are THE BEST the Valley has to offer.

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    I'll make this short and simple.  The Beef Baron burgers are the best burgers you can get in the Lehigh Valley.  Always fresh beef, always consistent (for 30+ years!), and always good service.  Now if there would only be french fries and the ability to pay by debit or credit card I'd be here every week!

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    Heard allot about this place. A friend of mine went there today. A major disappointment. The much anticipated burger was anything but good. No taste. No seasoning which equal no taste. The bun was bad. Also, you cannot get fries because they don't serve them. Overall, this place was a major disappointment. I would not recommend this place.

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