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    I live a mile away from here and am ashamed it took me a year and a half to finally get around to coming in. To make up for it, my second visit was just one week later, and I expect to come back many times in the future.

    I took some out of town friends here for Sunday brunch before they headed out of town. When we got there at 9am there was only one other patron seated, but the place filled up by the time we finished. Upon entering we noticed the cozy atmosphere and selected one of the window seat tables for optimum snowfall and people watching.

    Everyone really enjoyed their dishes and was pleased with the price points (about $8-10). I was surprised at how much was on the menu. My personal recommendation is the Turkey Conquistador.

    The service was on the slow side but we weren't in a hurry at all. The server offered to split our checks right at the start, which is always appreciated. Loved the cuckoo clock!

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    I will first tell you why the food is a 3.5 for me.

    It's good. And they have a variety of options for brunch items (available til 2 on weekends, 11am on weekdays..but daily regardless). The bake/skillet we got was just way too salty. And a massive amount of cheese. I got the Tarragon Chicken bake, which aside from the saltiness, was adequate, filling, and the best part-- piping hot.
    Other than the unnatural sodium intake, I thought it was great. But it wasn't amazing. I was tempted to order many other options though, especially their sandwiches, but I'm just too much of a sucker for breakfast/brunch. Then second comes sandwiches, and lastly, salads, which were also described in a tasty manner.

    And for brunch, $7-$9 is a good deal in my book.

    Yes, it's a small place. Sometimes, you'll probably find yourself waiting a little. Or if you're Asian like me, you might have to wait forever and be ignored. Which, from this point on of my review, you can read solely if you care about personal experiences, but in my opinion, I think you should read just to get a better feel of what it's like to be a minority race in this region.

    So Bellevue Bistro, like many classic American restaurants in the greater Cincinnati area, is great over all-- IF YOU'RE WHITE.

    I usually don't pick up or make ill-assumptions of racism or some sort of racial bias when it happens because I just assume the best in people and the service received, so don't mistake me for some sister-gurl feminist and equality advocate that can't stand prejudice when she sees it. In fact, this is just reality and a reaction of many suppressed feelings of fellow oppressed minorities (be it economic, race, gender, or sexuality). But this was so blatantly obvious that you'd be a fool to not recognize it.

    The Beau and I walk in and the seats are indeed full, but we get absolutely no acknowledgment of walking in to the small restaurant, where all people are visible. We stand awkwardly just under 10 minutes as people leave and tables clear up before my date ASKS to be seated.

    The table next to us was filled after we were seated yet they got their orders taken first. I couldn't believe what extra benefits they had just for being white. How come we weren't read a list of coffees they had available without asking? We were finished and clearly needed our check, but the table next to us was attended to first, seeing if everything was fine. We weren't asked that question until the end when it was necessary to do so after clearing our dishes.

    The feeling you get of being neglected for being inherently different is such a tragedy in America, especially to know that it exists to this day.

    I will end with a quote:

    "...you have a lot of privilege for being white in America. Racism didn't end in 1964, and it still exists today. White supremacy is our reality. It's how the world functions. Until then [white supremacy doesn't exist], accept your privilege and f**king combat it instead of letting your neutrality perpetuate oppression."

    -queerblackandproud, AKA James.

    Thanks, Bellevue, for continuing this elegiac cycle.

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    I went to Bellevue Bistro to just try some Goetta.  I am new to the area and always like to seek out local dishes.  I like German liver sausage and was hoping for something like that and wasn't disappointed.  I ordered the Bellevue breakfast bake.  It was a very large portion considering the price, so even though the bistro has kind of that cutesy girl decor, the food is substantial.  The Goetta comes from Meiners Meats, which I believe may be one of the owners of this establishment.  The only reason I say that is the magazines that are put around the restaurant are from someone with the same last name.  It had a nice seasoning, heavy on thyme, but after I got used to the oats in it, I really enjoyed.  It reminded me a little of boudin sausage that you get from Louisiana.
    My fiance had the bistro french toast, which was also a nice portion with generous amounts of berries, and she finished it all, so I think it had to have been good too.
    When we went it was almost 10AM on a Tuesday and it was fairly empty, so may have been a great time to go.

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