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    Finally, found my new favorite spot in Cambridge.

    Stopped in randomly with two friends on a Saturday night. The place was busy, but not overcrowded at all- which is a huge plus of course. It was in a cozy building with lots of outdoor space and lights- beautiful decor. I had heard about their winter smore roasts- and was sold on that (can't wait to come back in the winter for it!).

    The staff blew me away- they were extremely friendly and brought us 'gifts' to try all night on top of our order. We tried lots of cheeses (the Butter cheese was a favorite at our table). The food overall was incredible! We had so much and between the three of us, our bill was only $90 including a bottle of great wine.

    I already have plans to make this a weekly wine spot- Can't wait to go back!

    Would make an amazing date spot, or a night out with a couple friends.

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    We were a group of 3 girls and went in not completely starving. We ordered a bottle of wine and wanted to get just a few bites. We ended up ordering the parmasian cheese plate, edamame which was different than regular edamame, the cauliflower and arugula salad. They were all good but our wine took a little long to get to the table (not a problem for us at all) but they were very apologetic and gave us chickpea fritters on the house. Those were amazing!

    We also decided to order some more cheese since we were so close to the cheese table and everything looked so good in the little glass cases (5 stars on the decor and presentation of the cheese table!). That was by far the best thing we got all night. It was the butter type of cheese and came with little toasts, honey and some apple jam type of spread. I highly recommend you order some cheese, especially whatever is in the butter dish.

    The staff was extremely nice, talkative and fun. I would definitely go back again.

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    We visited you one Saturday night prior to attending a movie and found it an unusual and very pleasant experience.
    We do have one suggestion, however. When the wait-staff is preparing cheese trays, they should be wearing gloves....

    Linda R.

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