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    This may be my second favorite dive lounge in the country, bested only by Fox's Sherron Inn in Miami, which has an unfair advantage of being where my parents met (being born FTW!).  The Big I has such a classic 60s/70s feel to the decor (and by classic I mean "dated as hell without looking unsanitary").  The light from the bar is warm and inviting.  The jukebox selection is rich.  And it felt welcoming enough that I wasn't going to be scorned for being an obvious outsider associated with the base, but at the same time local enough that I knew I was visiting a hometown classic.

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    For a rootin' tootin', less stress-more mess good time, stop by the Big-I Pub and Lounge. Old ratty chairs held together by duct tape, bartenders that look as rough as the tables, and patrons arguing star gate over star trek create an atmosphere only an Irish could love.

    Check out the pot o' gold at the end of Illinois Street!

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