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    I went to the Darien location and met Edward who was phenomenal. Completely on point with everything despite the fact that we got there right before the rush hour.
    Edward works in both the Fairfield & Darien locations & we definitely look
    Forward to seeing him again soon. Also, we were introduced to Bodega in Fairfield so
    having a place you love when your hometown is California is a very good thing.
    We also love Diego, Joe & Edmund who always make fantastic suggestions and are as nice as can be. Customer service exceptional no matter what is going on. Highly recommend Bodega. In fact beats any taco bar in CA, there I said it.

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    Interesting place, looks like a converted diner. Still has bar stools and counter. Order their version Om the lobster mac and cheese appetizer, found very little lobster and just okay, needed something, but for $14 what can you expect. Service was indifferent with very few people there.

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    This place was made for girls out on "girls night out" or for women to lure men into a trendy restaurant under the pretense of receiving real Mexican food.  Sorry for the sexism here, but really, go see for yourself!

    While you might expect Mexican fare (nachos, tacos, burritos, enchiladas), this restaurant is trying to be "upscale" and/or "chic" while serving up "gourmet" taquitos.  And, while the tacos were tasty, the sheer lack of food on the table after receiving our order was a little frustrating.  I ordered a salmon salad and a few tacos (which are $4 a pop), and found the salad to be bland.  There was no real spice in the tacos, either, except that they were served with a single, sliced jalapeno pepper, which I ate because after the teeny tacos, I was still extremely hungry.

    The drinks, while expensive, were good.  The Margarita was not overly sweet, but it did need more alcohol.

    All in all, this is a good date place (but crowded would be an understatement), not a real Mexican restaurant.  It may be better to have appetizers and drinks here, and then go out for dinner...if you have any cash left.

    All-in-all, while this review may sound like a complaint, I found the place to be interesting enough to try again.

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