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    I went to Boston's with a large group in early June.  It was my first time there, but most of the group had been there previously and raved about it.  It must have been a really bad night!
    First problem:  A member of our group called to see if they could accommodate a party of about 40 at 7 PM.  She was assured it would not be a problem.  We arrived at 7 to find that another large party had arrived so we had to wait. (We were told later that the first group DEMANDED to be seated so they were.)  We were seated around 8:30.  We were not at the same table but located together.
    Second problem:  Due to delays from understaffing (we were told there were not enough people in the kitchen), meals arrived at staggered times, if at all.  One person got her appetizer long after some of the others had their meals and were finished.  To the manager's credit, the really late meals were taken off the bill but that leads to number 3.
    Third problem:  One of the waiters did not remember what the people at our table had ordered.  So, we had to tell him.  As it happens, one of the meals was a late one that was not supposed to be charged.  Due to bad communication, that meal was paid for.
    Fourth problem:  I can deal with all the rest of this if the food was good.  First, some people ordered margaritas, which came in a water glass, and didn't even taste like a margarita.  It was more like water.  These were replaced by the manager after some mumbling by the waiter.  "You can talk to the manager - she might give you new ones."  My meal was terrible.  I ordered the macaroni and cheese with sausage.  This was claimed to be baked, etc.  It looked and tasted like it came out of a pot, into a cold dish, with four tiny pieces of sausage.  The staff was so confused I didn't bother to send it back.
    All in all, this restaurant was a disaster that night.  Will I return?  Maybe I will, if I'm in the area again just to see if Boston is really this bad.  Otherwise, I'll go to the diner down the street.

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    It's like a chain restaurant, such as TGIF.  The french dip was lacking in flavor, hint for Boston's marinate the meat next time, and no cheese on it, that's just not right.  Kids seemed happy with their food which was important.  Nice service, very clean which is a big plus!

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    Nice ambiance, excellent menu with veggie options, great beer selection,  excellent service, very friendly staff.   It was Saturday night and we got right in.

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