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    Stopped in here for a late night cocktail and was very impressed.  This must have been an old government or bank building transformed into a warm contemporary space.  We only ordered drinks from the bar so can't comment on the food.  I can't remember the exact name of the cocktail I ordered but it was a strawberry infused drink served in a martini glass.  Very refreshing and satisfying.  The bartenders were friendly and on point.  

    The great service, awesome atmosphere and a great cocktail list will bring me back.  But on the next visit I plan to have lunch or dinner.

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    Be prepared to valet the car! Limited parking. Fantastic dinner and experiences. Naturally everything was above average or spectacular that is the standard with any of Frank's Restaurants.

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    Delicious. We went to Bottega Cafe before a concert downtown a few Fridays ago. We were expecting to spend a lot more money that we actually did. For about $50 before tax and tip, we both got exactly what we wanted as our main dish (no skimping for something smaller/cheaper to make the bill less), and appetizer, and I even got a Diet Coke. My husband got a hamburger, which was SO good and came with potato chips and I got the "white pie". I was able to take half of the pizza with me to eat for lunch the next day. I have been craving the "white pie" ever since - especially since I have to drive by Bottega on my way home from work each day.

    The staff was great, friendly, and my husband said that our waiter was "a ninja waiter" because he kept refilling our drinks and making sure we had everything we needed without being disruptive to our conversation.

    We'll be back!

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