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    My litlle sister bad a brilliant idea for her birthday evening- - hot yoga and dinner. Good call sis. We ordered french fries with duck confit and gruyere, oysters, and a veggie panini. I think the oysters were my favorite. It was a random Monday night, so it there was no crowd, but loved the cozy cool atmosphere.  Maybe it wasn't the healthiest dinner after yoga, but we still enjoyed it. :)

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    I love this place!!
    I have been here a couple times for a casual drink on a week night and have had a great time every time.
    My recent visit prompted me to review this gem because it was so wonderful! I celebrated my birthday here on a summery Sunday evening. I called in advance to reserve a table (for about 10 ppl) and the assistant manager who spoke to me on the phone was patient, attentive, and super nice.
    I got there and there was a corner reserved for us! My drink was served in a special bday cup, which was really nice and the drink itself was awesome! (I think the drink was called Temporary fix).
    My guests trickled in and our waitress never skipped a beat bringing over menus and glasses of water. I was worried because they serve the Central Kitchen menu on Sundays which I had never tried before. Their regular menu is wonderful but boy was I in for a pleasant surprise.
    We all ordered food that arrived quickly and was amazing!! I had the only vegetarian dish on the menu- vegetable maqluba and my only disappointment was that I couldn't finish it! From what I remember my friends had the steak frites, sauteed ramps, the french fries, and the steak tartar and raved about them all.
    Throughout the night the drinks and food were brought over quickly and with a smile. I brought my own cake- because they didn't offer a desert- and they brought it out with lit candles that they provided!
    I can't say enough about the staff, the food, the atmosphere, the decor, and ambiance- a true gem!!

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    Consistently friendly staff & awesome people. I seriously love this bar.

    Diamond Back shots are NO JOKE. Few of these will level you for the night.

    B&M Burger is worth every cent.

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