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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Do you like wings? They've got salt! Do you like a large variety of sauces and flavors? They've got salt! Do you like wraps, burgers and more? They've got salt! Do you like salt? SWEET SODIUM CHLORIDE, have YOU come to the right place!

    I really can not tell you how the food tastes because all I could taste was salt. Seriously. Salt. On. Everything. Yes, people like salt, and it's proven to be a great addition to foods that, in moderation, can help make the flavor stand out. If your food is mediocre no amount of salt in the world that can fix a bad product, but Buffalo Wild Wings seems to think otherwise. Oddly, their boneless wings remind me a lot of Pizza Hut's "Wing Street" wings... except Wing Street are better.

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    The food is mediocre, but what really kills this place is the absolutely horrible service.  I had to order my beer 5 times and it took 25 minutes to finally get the beer.  It took quite a while before anyone even took a drink order and then we had to wait another 15 minutes to put in our food order.  It took quite a while to receive my salad with grilled chicken and it was just ok.  The grilled chicken was cold.

    I won't be coming back here.

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    It was nice because I could get Lost Rhino on draft here. I enjoyed their brew and they are located down the street if you want to taste more of beer.

    My husband got the sampler and I got the new pretzel burger with brats on it. The food was just okay. I would also recommend if ordering the fries to get the salt and vinegar seasoning.

    The burger was super dry and not really favorable and it was kind of small in size for what I paid.

    The service here is not great and the booths were super dirty

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