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    A few months ago I heard how a lot of people were offended when this place supposedly had a misunderstanding with some cops and their no-gun policy.  What struck me was the manager's response.  Evidently the head manager was not present during the incident, but he later went to great lengths to try to apologize to the offended cops.  I like cops.  They keep the roads safe and help keep bad guys off the streets, and this guy evidently had a lot of respect for the public servants.  Plus a lot of the far right wing wackos were extremely angry so we figured that any place that gets those type of people angry has got to be worth another shot.  So we went again.

    It was kind of weird because the last time we went was during the Billabong Pipemasters Pro surfing competition, and this time it was during the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach surfing competition (which my main man Adriano De Souza won and the lovely Carissa Moore won the women's side).  We went in the afternoon which was probably about 5 a.m. in Queensland so nobody was in the water at that time.  I'm sure they had the live footage of this prestigious event when it was underway.  Right?

    Anyway, we ordered take out, and while we were waiting we talked with one of the dudes there, and he was pretty cool.  We're very dorky looking so cool dudes usually don't talk to us, but this guy was very nice.  Precious asked him to put a soccer match on one of the monitors.  I don't remember what match it was.  It all looks the same to me.

    We got a variety of different wings.  I think I'm going to go with the Asian zing flavor because those were very good.  Maybe I'll try the mango habanero flavor and the jalapeno flavor next time too.

    I had thought about maybe catching a world cup game at this place next year.  I usually like to watch a game while sitting on my couch with special sauce dripping down my chin, but I think it might be cool to catch a game at a sports bar like a real American.

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    This is the new Bdubs by the Harris Teeter off Liberia.  It has a nice patio and the inside is pretty massive with  A LOT of TV's inside.  We sat at the bar and I was excited because I haven't been to a Bdubs since the college days in Richmond.  We would frequent the restaurant every Tuesday for cheap beer and wings when we were all super poor.  

    The bartender was nice if a bit bland.  It kind of sounded like she was reading off a dialogue card the whole evening though.  They had $5 Dos Equis which is a favorite of mine so I was happy about that.

    We got wings and a burger but it took about 30-40 minutes for them to come out which is too long in my book especially on a Wednesday night close to 9pm.  Finally though they came out after asking the bartender again.

    I can't speak on the burger, but the wings were small and over-sauced and under-seasoned.  I got the sweet bbq sauce and the dry chipotle flavor.  The sweet bbq was drenched with sauce and the dry chipotle flavor tasted like plain chicken wings...disappointed.  

    Definitely wouldn't return for the food but their set-up is nice if you want to catch a game and some beers.  I'll stick with Bonchon, Beer and Chicken, or Popeyes for my fried chicken needs.

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    This is the worst BWW I have been too, no doubt. I have eaten here at least three times and I was just not happy. On the flip side, the service was good. The first time we went in we sat at the bar and the bartender was great. He had some recommendations and we rolled with it. I tried the triple play nachos as they were the special at the time and I have to say, terrible. Reason being, the wing sauce just tasted like salt paste and the pork tasted like it was soaked in a sugar bath. No actual flavor profile to this thing at all. Plain cornchips would have been better. My wife also tried some dip they had on special where you add a wind sauce to the cheese dip. She picked the parmessian garlic sauce and it was more sauce than it was cheese. Again, just plain salty. The only thing we had that we both enjoyed was the poppers. It is hard to screw them so I am happy they didn't.

    I have eaten at a few different BWW, and one of my buddies said I was crazy because they are all the same. They use the same frozen food and the same sauce. This location just seems to be way saltier than the rest. I couldn't even eat the wings I ordered because they tasted like pure salt. I have had better wings at Hooters and lets face it, most of us don't go to Hooters for the food!

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