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  • Has TV
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Your typical pool hall / bar / live music spot. No need for high expectations, it is what it is. The beer runs cold and the pool tables are level.

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    Seems to be two Bunker listings on Yelp.. just wanted to be sure my input on the other entry was here as well.  The owner of this place is awesome and treats everyone like family!  This is the best sports bar in the area and has things going on every weekend.  Food is good and they got a great selection of beers!

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    OK, I'm from California and was visting during a conference and was staying near Bunker, so I stopped by.  I ended up hanging out on a prettty relaxed night, kind of late, and got to know the staff a bit and really had a nice time.  

    I was at conferences during the day, but would come there at night to unwind and relax.  It was a large place with a big bar area and pool tables.  The staff was very friendly and the manager always made a point of coming over and chatting for a while.

    I would definitely recommend stopping in here if you're in the area for some drinks in the evening.  You'll definitely have fun.   Tell 'em Mike from California sent you :)


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