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    Great atmosphere! Michael the owner roasts beans right in the sitting area! The best collection of vinyl record jackets ever! Friendly and fun place. Support small business and get a great cup of joe.

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    I love this place.  Great People.  Great Coffee.

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    Caffe Amouri is a cute, local coffee shop that has a huge menu of drink options, more original drinks than Starbucks and super friendly baristas.

    I usually come on weekends and the shop is bustling but not packed and am always able to find an empty table to hang out with my friends for a bit and a sip.

    The pumpkin pie latte is still one of my favorite drinks here.  It's just sweet enough with a light cinnamon spice undertone.  I also really like the mochas which are very chocolately but also not overly sweet, allowing the nutty undertones of the espresso and cocoa beans shine through.  Delish.

    The sizing is also generous given the amount of caffeine kick associated with even the small 8oz option, so while the pricing isn't cheaper than your typical chain coffee place the quality of ingredients and jolt is better IMO.

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