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    Large men in kilts.  Really, must I say more?

    Well - I will anyway.

    I come for one reason - caber tossing. This is the equivalent of grown men, running and flipping telephone poles. It's f'n insane. The highland games truly are made of gargantuan men doing ridiculous feats for our entertainment. I can dig it.

    The music is fun. I've heard the food is good (nothing I could eat but I don't mind). The marketplace has almost nothing by artisans (which is sad).

    Here's my gripe. It's a Celtic festival right? There's should be fantastic alcohol from the uk flowing like a river... nope. It's sponsored by crap American beers. Killians is the best they offer, and that's domestic (and crap as well).  My suggestion? Get a bit pissed (intoxicated for the rest of you) before you arrive with the true nectar. No true celt (or respectable person at that) should have to deal with the swill they vend in plastic cups from the back of box trucks...

    ...but it's still always a great time.

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    Celtic themed, somewhat smaller, musikfest.

    Those of you who have been to Musikfest will recognize a similar layout, even down to tent locations and food stands. The footprint is somewhat smaller, only including the area under the bridge and down to the river, however this still provides ample craft booths, music, and food to explore over the course of this 3-day festival.

    Come for the highland games, pipe bands, and try the fish and chips!

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    This event seemingly gets better and better with each passing year. It's getting so big, that I'd almost say it's at the point where it's outgrowing the real esate of the venue.

    Between all the live Gaelic music, outdoor beer drinking, Irish and Scottish foods, bagpipe cometitions, fiddle competitions, and general mayhem, it's a great time.  

    And how could I forget the Highland Games.  Because who isnt entertained by gigantic missing-link-looking guys trying to throw a 22lb hammer as far as they can, or seeing how high in the air they can toss a 56lb weight?

    This year Gaelic Storm was the featured closing band, and given that  they're fairly famous on the world music scene, I was pretty impressed they were able to get them.   The performance was fantastic, and so impressed was I that I was willing to forgive that they were in the James Cameron sapfest, Titanic.  I even left with a CD.

    The fact that The Celtic Classic is completely free (save what you eat and drink) is really a nice touch, and probably one of the better entertainment values in the tristate area.  Kudos to little Bethlahem for pulling this off each year.

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