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    I used to work here for a while, as a cocktail waitress and bartender.

    I LOVED my job there!!! Only problem was they got rid of the bartending positions and just made managers do it. And I NEVER made any tips cocktailing there, so I quit. Anyway, I always had a good time and the dancers were usually cool. They tend to stay away from hiring the scary ones, which is good.

    One of the BEST things about this place is they have a REAL LIVE DJ who plays the music, not some stupid jukebox. It's nice for the girls because they get to pick what music makes THEM feel sexy. Before I left, they had a rule that you couldn't play any super-explicit rap, but I don't know if that rule still applies.

    The interior is pretty nice. Nicer then Saratoga (although I LOOOOVE that retro-feel that the 'Toga has) or the Nor Shore, both in Duluth.
    Lots of cool lights and two poles on a figure-eight style stage. It's elevated pretty high off the ground, which I think is better for the dancers. They also have a pretty private couch dance area. Which is cool, because who wants some douche who didn't pay watching you grind on someone else? (HELLO TREGO, WI JACK OF DIAMONDS) Creepy.

    But, I digress. The drinks are pricy, but that's any club. At least they can serve drinks, unlike a bunch of places in Minneapolis! They have a huge bar. Lots of liquor and bottled beer to chose from. A few taps too. They have darts, a few arcade and video slot machines. Maybe more in the past two years... I have not been there since then.

    They need to get a house mom. They never had one when I worked there, just a few managers.

    Overall, really nice club. Especially for the area it's located in. If you avoid Superior while you are in Duluth, it's probably because you are lame. Superior sucks to live in, but it's fun to drink in :) Go ahead and slum it for a night. No one will tell lol.

    PS- Topless only. No full-nude here.

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