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    The food was good, but the service was terrible.

    My husband and I ate here around 4:00 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon. The restaurant was deserted, but the waiter was MIA throughout most of the meal. Luckily, you can pay your bill at the table with the little tablet-like gadget. I hate to think how long we would have waited otherwise.

    Also, the restaurant wasn't very clean. I noticed a layer of dust on almost every surface. Disgusting.

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    As a former employee I'm warning everyone not to eat here. The following reasons may shock you.

    First and foremost the entire place is disgusting. Absolutely filthy in the back and the front isn't much better. Every thursday they have what's called "Bug night" where a third party comes in and fumugates the building. Once a week seems a little much but they keep finding cockroaches everywhere in the building, an infestation would be an understatement. During the preperation for "Bug night" the managers loosly hang plastic garbage bags that do little to no protection from the chemicals. If you ever hear employees talking about "baloons" thats code for cockroaches. There a more "baloons" in this building than a birthday party.

    Now on to the cooks. Brace yourselfs as this will be shocking. The cooks are some of the most foul, repugnent, rude and filthy people I've ever met in my life. NOBODY WEARS GLOVES! If you go to a 7-Eleven and order a hot dog, the cashier has the decency to put gloves on before handling your food. Not the cooks at Chilis. Nobody wears gloves and it's disgusting. I've seen them sneeze on food, cough on food, drop food on the floor and still serve it and bring outside food and drink inside that they eat while preparing your food. There are several health code violations here. I know what you're thinking: no manager would let this happen. Well the truth is the managers do let this happen. These problems have been identified and ignored by management. The General Manager seems intimated by confronation and lets the cooks walk all over him, it's incredible sad to see a grown man be such a whimp. But that's a personal issue. I'm sure they have self confidence 800 numbers or maybe one of those personal health cassette tapes he can fall asleep to.

    It doesn't matter what time of day you come in the staff will still be equally as filthy. For example, the prep cook in the morning is also the dishwasher. Take a minute for that to sink in. THE PREP COOK IS ALSO THE DISHWASHER. This is becasue the manager is cheap and refuses to hire two people when he can just work one person twice as hard, in complete disregarde for sanitation. The prep cook/dishwasher was recently cited for not washing his hands after using the restroom (a customer noticed this). I've seen cooks come into work VERY sick where they can't even speak and they still stand on the line coughing away all over the food and their bare hands, which in return make contact with your food.

    I have no reason to write this besides my moral service to general population. I have to expose things that I don't agree with. This is one of the most disgusting establishments I've ever seen and I warn you from the bottom of my heart to never eat here. You could get sick or catch a disease and that's not what people expect when they go out to eat. The General Manager's business card can be found at the host stand if you wish to contact him.

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    Came in for the lunch special seems pretty good as my wife told me to get the potato soup and sandwich .They didn't have the potato soup instead they had a chicken and sausage. I ordered a cheese steak and soup and a sweet ice tea.
    The soup was very spicy so much I might have had half I was afraid I would get sick, I didn't though.  The awful ice tea was probably the worst tasting I ever had. The sandwich was ok but too small.
    In a word NO.

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