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    Love Chili's!  It's one of the best chain restaurants around!

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    Chili's is a phenomenal place to go for lunch and dinner. Been here many times, and every time it's a good experience; one of the best chain restaurants in our area.

    When you walk in to Chili's you are almost always quickly seated and promptly attended to. The Tex-Mex themed atmosphere is cool and the environment is clean. Sitting outside on the deck is nice, but it can get a bit crowded out there. The service isn't extremely fast, but definitely fast enough and food is good quality.

    During lunch, we always get the unlimited soup and salad. It's a filling and appetizing way to spend your money. Another great option for lunch is the sandwich combos. And when you go for dinner, the fajitas here are awesome. Try the Fajita Trio if you aren't sure what to get, you will not be upset (that rhymed).

    Overall, just a good place to eat! Below is my review in numbers...

    Food: 8.4/10
    -Unlimited Soup & Salad (8/10) - SImple, but a filling and fun option for lunch. Get the Baked Potato Soup, it's really good.
    -Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip (8/10) - Good appetizer.
    -Fried Cheese (7/10) - AKA Mozzarella Sticks [at least that's what I call them]. Nothing special about them but still a delicious appetizer.
    -Fajita Trio (10/10) They did all the right things with this entrée... probably the best thing here.
    -Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger (8.5/10) - Yum.
    -Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie (9/10) - It's like a slice of a giant cookie/blondie thing. How could that not be delicious?

    Service: 9/10
    -Helpfulness (9/10)
    -Knowledge (9/10)
    -Efficiency (9/10)

    Ambiance: 8/10

    Value: 7/10

    OVERALL: 8.1/10 (4/5) - Me gusta.

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    When you go to Chili's, you pretty much know what you're going to get.  I can honestly say that this is the best Chili's I have ever been to.

    I was in Delaware on business for a few months and I stopped into Chili's because I really wanted some fajitas. The bartender was very attentive and offered some legit recommendations for me, including the fajitas with a fried chicken patty instead of the normal chicken.  Super good! The drinks are also decent, with a full bar and solid pours from the bartenders.

    I have come back several times and have never been disappointed.  They are quick to point out the new menu items everytime they come out, and it seems like they get better every time. If I ever find myself in Delaware again, I will definitely stop in to eat here.

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