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    Tolerate lines? Really good burritos!  As with most of the chain, there offerings are very good. Each burrito we've had have been very, very good. The 'Americanized' version of this Mexican hand-held is excellent as a meal unto itself - filling, satisfying and tasty for sure. With their assortment of filler, these burritos have made Chipotle a household word! Highly recommended for what it is... we keep going back - occasionally!

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    This Chipotle used to be the worse  one in the area, by far.  They fired a bunch of the staff and have stepped up the quality of the food. I work by them and see these guys work hard all the time. It's now one of the best. Though the lines might be long(depending on when you go) and they give you smaller portions than most.

    The staff now is what makes this place. They are incredibly nice and quick(except for one lady lol)

    The steak is the best

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    Chipotle is Chipotle. This one can get some pretty long lines, but what Chipotle doesn't. I did arrive literally 4 minutes after they closed and they would not let me in :(

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