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    great party club to dance many drink specials  NO food!
    omg this place is much better then many other places in the area,
    Wednesday and Fridays  is Latin  music but lots of fun and great music and nice lighting system
    The bartenders are fun and friendly
    just remember they have lots of security if u do any small thing out of hand they will take u out like they did to 1 of my friends!!!

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    People who work & go to this establishment have nothing better to do. Harrassment seems to be frequent in this place. The bouncers are stupid enough to only protect the women, when it's the men that have been harrassed the most. I've witness a man being assaulted by a women & was told that "next time" they will throw her out if she does this AGAIN? If the shoe was on the other foot, he would be in a jail for assault. The cops seem to only be there for one reason & that is to continue overpopulating Allentown and entertain these immature GIRLS.  It's too bad that this place only attracts low lives, because the DJ does a good job.  Guys beware! Don't frequent this place or else some "BABY MOMMA" is pounding on you for a free drink or something else that may have you supporting her 3+ babies!

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