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    The College Inn is the mold for a real bar. It's what a bar SHOULD be. It's the oldest bar in Douglas, running continually since 1906. There is an old whore house upstairs (recently closed, unfortunately), and if you're nice to the barkeep, "Flo," she just might let you see it. 50 cent draught beer on Wednesdays, and a crowd that will trump your imagination's best EVERY day, the College Inn is a slice of Jackalope City's past mixed with a frightful glimpse into its future any day of the week. This bar is NOT to be missed. Your next trip to Douglas won't be complete without a visit!

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    Find me there every Wednesday. No foolin' I'm sitting right there with Flo our faithful bartender each Wednesday night. 50-cent beer night goes from 8-11PM. Yeah, its just pisswater beer (Bud Light and Coors Light- ain't nothin' fancy goin' on...) and pitchers are $3.50. There's always a sweet mix of we younger folk, cowboy-types, even leather clad bikers reminiscing about the motorcycle spin-out marks on the floor.
    There's pool playing in the back, and a ton of smoke. You will smell awful when you leave. The jukebox wars are awesome.
    The best part about this bar, in my mind, would just be the historic building and interior. The gorgeous wood bar is incredible, the mosaic tile floor original, many fixtures still intact. If you're super-super lucky, they'll allow you to tour the upstairs apartments. Now abandoned but full of creepy old items from its seedy, brothelly past.  Check out the old photos and you'll see a lot of it still there! <a href="/redir?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cityofdouglaswy.com%2Findex.asp%3FType%3DB_BASIC%26amp&s=646d85aa2d6c9070d2139af81f8e17968c163322b4900724de3680e1c71e7f95" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.cityofdouglas…</a>;SEC={4AC09743-38E8-473A-BA91-FC5723D99B5B}&DE={26­8EFBF3-EE18-4208-8605-EB166EE51C4F}

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