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    Some friends and I attended the 8 o'clock show on a Saturday night and very much enjoyed our time. I was looking forward to a few laughs, but thought the majority might be just silly. However, the improv artists did a great job and I spent most of the two hours completely entertained. What talent!
    It was completely packed and there was a bit of body odor going around, but it was an overall great experience!

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    Was hoping for more laughs.

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    I love improv, so I was excited to find this place. A group of us went to the 8:00 show on a Friday night and place was about 90% full. Although its a smallish space, it was still a good number. We arrived exactly at 8:00 (dinner ran a tad late), but they were nice about it and seated us quickly in an area reserved for us. Also, we were given wristbands upon entry, which we could use for the 10:30 show the same night to get ten dollars off.

    This particular show was tournament style (hence the "sportz" I suppose) where the coach directs the two teams and takes suggestions from the audience. The teams consisted of improv students who would try to win the approval and votes of audience members through the challenges they performed. The winning team was declared at the end based on which team entertained the audience more by tally of points.

    I liked how the coach would move through the audience asking for suggestions from each section in turn, therefore involving the entire room, but he didn't single out any one individual. The performers were hilarious, but it was obvious one or two of them carried the show.

    Parking is pretty tight, so that was the only negative I can think of. We had to park next door at a dental office, I think it was. Even though it was closed, we were a little worried since we were the only ones parked there.

    It was an evening of good, clean fun (a few kids were there, one for his birthday celebration), and we have already gotten tickets to another show coming up, Star Wars Unscripted. Can't wait!

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