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    Craft beer and rockabilly...yes please!

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    I've only been here for a Wednesday night run with the Safety Harbor Athletic Club and FL Race Place Team. This groups meets each Wed night at 6pm to do a group run around Safety Harbor and the meets back at Copperhead's for Beer and Snacks. This establishment has welcomed a bunch of sweaty runners, so its gets an extra star from me. The beer selection is vast, but they are missing some popular wheat beers which I was surprised. I'm pretty particular in having a good wheat beer, so maybe its just me. I haven't tried the food. They have 2 bartenders on site so it was difficult for them to get the all the runners who rushed in at one time, but that's more on us, then them.

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    My brother and I are both fans of Bell's Brewery so, when the bartender told us that Thursday April 18 would be Bell's night with a brewery rep on hand from seven to nine providing special prices, we cofirmed the promotion on Copperheads web page and arrived promptly at seven. No specials, no brewery rep.  The bartender told us the rep was a bit late checking into her hotel.  We stayed for an hour drinking a couple Bell's Porters and a Hopslam at $6.50 each. Worth it but certainly not a special price.  At 8PM, still no rep or specials so we left.

    The next day, I sent a note to Copperheads through the "contact us" feature on the web page to find out what happened.  It's been 12 days and no response.

    Both times we have been there, the service was excellent and the beer selection pretty good.  That doesn't make up for the false advertising and unresponsive management.

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