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    Nice prices on the drinks and folks are friendly.

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    This is a nice sports dive right in the heart of downtown Fremont.  

    For a Friday night, we were surprised by how few people were in the bars in downtown Fremont.   The sparse crowd in here was pretty typical of the places we visited.

    The bar's interior has a late-70s renovation look to it, but the space still manages to retain most of its century-old character.   The bar includes two pool tables, pinball, dart boards, a jukebox, an ATM, and a few video games.   There are also multiple TVs throughout the bar.

    Our beers were $1.80 each, a rather odd price.

    Watch yourself when entering the bar.   One of the dart boards is immediately to the right just inside the front door, while the taped line is to the left of the front door.   I about got hit walking in!

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