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    great pizza! it's like being home at the jersey shoree.

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    As a live music lover, I spend a lot of time at different venues. I have had the opportunity to visit Croc Rock twice. Both time were pretty terrible.

    The music is overly loud (even with earplugs) and the crowd is, well, weird.

    Their liquor license is currently suspended, but even when it's not, it takes forever to get a drink in the place.

    Not to mention that it's FREEZING COLD in the winter. And the only heat source is three tiny 1x1.5' heating lamps that they have on the floor towards the back of the venue.

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    You either love this place, or hate it. Personally, I love it, because I've seen and met all of my favorite bands there, but I can understand someone who would never want to step foot in there again.
    For bigger name bands, it's ALWAYS overpacked. If they even know what their sell-out limit is, they don't adhere to it. Shows are hot, sticky, sweaty, and dirty. If you're on the barricade or on the side garage door, you're good. Otherwise, plant your feet and make friends with the people around you because you're gonna be much too close for comfort.
    The pizza place up front is mediocre, but when it's the middle of February and you've been waiting in line all day, the food is good enough. Bathrooms are sketch city, but they get the job done. If you're expecting clean bathrooms on Hamilton Street in Allentown, you've got another thing coming.
    Overall, I'd say this fits a younger crowd. My friends & I love this place and come here as often as we can because we know the routine and the staff and how it all works. If you're into sweaty, dirty rock shows, this is the place to be. Otherwise, take your complaints somewhere else ;)

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