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    Come see what happens when three of the funniest comedians in the country come together in one room in Bethlehem PA. This adult comedy show features Bethlehem's own: Adam Chisnall (Freedom High School '04) and New York City Comedians: Dan Frigolette (TLC, Time Out NY) Stephanie Holmes (NY Comedy Festival, Laughing Skull Comedy Festival). These three are: Comedy's Best Kept Secret -- three amazingly talented comedians who haven't made it into the limelight...yet. Proven comedians nationally and throughout the New York comedy circuit, and now in Bethlehem to keep Comedy's Best Kept Secret.

    @homieholmes @adamchisnall @danfrigolette

    Diamonz Nightclub | 1918 W Broad Street
    (Bethlehem 18018)
    Reservations: 610-865-1028
    Tickets: <a href="/redir?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.brownpapertickets.com%2Fevent%2F370605&s=a90cd2573002d8d0c922ae6ac0e56fad0223e04eb0435f7d18f640cae1e0a653" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.brownpapertic…</a>
    $12/Pre-Sale $15/Door

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    Fun place - it was strange though, we were there at 1 am on a Saturday night and it was empty.  You could practically hear crickets chirping upstairs.  Good thing there was 7 of us, we made our own party. :)

    I'll have to edit this review once I've been there on a busy night.

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    all I can say if you are going with friends to chill and laugh then this is a great place but nothing else the drinks the food is shitty! its supposed to be a gay club and some times they have those weired gay shows I did like the old fashion karaoke room with some friends but the bar tender was really creepy

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