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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    I do enjoy this place, but thought I would share a nice experience I had there the other day.  

    There was a family stopped in for a little food, and at one point, a boy, 13 or so who appeared to have some type of autism, or another functional disability was walking around carelessly and "bumped" into a bigger, older "Harley" looking guy.  He was really nervous and apologized to the man, and the man turned to him and as the boy expected to get scolded, he actually shook his hand, and explained that he didn't need to apologize for anything, there was no problem, and the "Harley guy" (who in fact was the owner), thanked the kid and the family for coming in and told them if they needed anything just to let him know.  (He was NOT working at the time, but rather enjoying the bar like everyone else).

    This is a great establishment and one of the unique, great places to go in Leesburg.  As intimating as this place may seem from the outside, it is probably the most welcoming place in all of Northern Virginia.  It is "everyone friendly".

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    Love the vibe. Love the folks here. But -- from someone who is allergic to smoke -- this place will forever be off-limits.

    The front of the bar is a free for all -- heavy, thick smoke fills the place. The back room is supposed to be "non-smoking," but it is attached to the front room. There is no division. And not only does the smoke from the front waft through here, but they don't re-enforce the non-smoking section. So smokers can be found in the front AND back.

    Too bad. Fun place.

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    Love coming here on my bike!

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