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    On a recent trip to my city of birth, I had the opportunity to find the only bath house in ALL of Minnesota...

    A brief history:

    "Built in the 1920's at it's present location, it was a real necessity for the Swedish & Finnish miners, loggers & railroad men who came into town on weekends.  Duluth Steam Baths itself was slowly deteriorating, while going through various owners until 1969 when purchased by Herb Jensen.

    Herb had been visiting the sauna to treat his back injury and was afraid that someone might decide to tear the place down to make yet another parking lot.  
    This has been a family owned/operated business ever since.

    Singles, couples & families use the private rooms on the main level which each consist of a steam room and a dressing/resting room.
    Single men usually go downstairs to the 'bullpen' where there are several resting rooms and lockers besides the large common steam room & shower room.  This area is strictly for men only."

    Steam, soap, towels and wash cloths are available.

    My pursuits were not strictly historical.  In planning my trip home, this spot sparked interest.  I went in and asked for a tour.  I was shown the upstairs area, with each sauna and resting area.  Everything appeared and smelled clean.  After viewing the upstairs area, I went down to the bullpen.  The layout was much more open than I anticipated.  

    I got one of the upstairs suites and enjoyed 2 hours of steam and relaxation.  Be sure to drink plenty of water when you are enjoying extended steam baths.

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