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    The decor is nothing but an Irish flag draped across a paint chipped wall, but that's cool. Who needs pretense in a dive like this? Fat Shannon's is the antithesis to the frat parties happening at Pachinko's and Cosmo's--this crowd is way too cool for school. I take that back, the vibe is educated but understated. These folks are working on their dissertations between Happy Hours, thanks to the free wi-fi.

    On tap, Bluegrass Brewing Co.'s Bourbon Barrel Stout ($3 specials!), Smithwick's, and Woodchuck are the stars, but they have Stella Artois bottles, too. With a pool table in the back, Fat Shannon's is a cool place to chill with friends without feeling like it's rush week.

    What sold me on this place was the super cool music played during my visit (i.e. the Islands). I don't think that it was on the jukebox, but judging from the patrons I'm guessing that alternative/punk/indie tunes are norm rather than stuff like Nickelback.

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    This was our post-Bengals game hangout.  Mark, my man, you got us all shit faced on those damn Jameson Scotch shots. I still owe you for those and the two Dos Equis that I was able to consume.

    Fat Shannon's is a chill little spot in Covington with a one or two (can't remember) pool tables in the back.  Full selection of spirits and beer.  I can tell it's a place where regulars will go to for a drink to unwind and shoot the shit or a little pool.

    Thanks again Mark.

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    Great staff in this awesome little corner tavern.  Nice sidewalk seating as well.

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