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    Finnegan's doesn't understand that just because you poor Guinness beer on things, or cover it in gravy that it doesn't necessarily make it Irish food.  The bar part they get right though.

    The food is okay - Nothing spectacular in terms of options.  The menu is rather limited to big name items that unfortunately don't have a "wow" factor to them, and despite Finnegan's wanting to sell itself as an Irish bar, the food stands out as nothing more beyond your standard American bar food fare.

    After scouring the menu for fifteen minutes, the best my friend and I could come up with were an order of Guinness Cheese and Macaroni, and a Cobb Salad.  The mac and cheese was pretty tasty, but it left an off flavor in the back of my throat which is still there after half an hour.  My friend didn't like her salad, but to that I can only say, when you order a salad at a bar, you kind of get what you get.

    The service started out great at first.  The young lady came by several times, checked on us, brought the food promptly, but then fell off the Earth.  Getting the table cleared, the check brought, and paid seemed to take forever.

    At this point I don't know if I will be back to Finnegan's or not.  The mac and cheese was tasty, but who wants to pay fifteen bucks for mac and cheese, and also waste the time and gas?  Certainly not me.

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    This place is so "meh" if you're looking for food... but they do have tons of events, which I'd imagine would be pretty fun!

    I really like their pretzels, but that's about it. I even was disappointed by their St Patrick's Day menu. I mean, it's typical bar food...so that's what you'll get here. If you're looking for greasy bar food, it's decent.

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    We came decked out in green for St. Patty's Day 2013. We were served by a blond-ish pregnant girl. Worst services ever!! She would stand by the hostess stand chatting with friends until we had to flag her over to order food. We only got one beer because she never came back to ask us if we needed another. Wasn't friendly or considerate at all and we were EXTREMELY nice. On top of that the food was awful!!  We spent 70 bucks and left within 45 minutes on a Holiday no less. This is our third awful and LAST time coming here. If you want a good time go around the corner to Ashburn pub were the food is much better and everyone treats you nice!!

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