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    I went here on Friday July 12 with a friend for dinner. Its a nice concept- an homage to the first american printer but there's just too much not right about this place, especially for the price. The acoustics are terrible so it 's loud. We ordered fried calamari for an appetizer....whoever ruined that calamari in the kitchen should not even be allowed near food!! It was so overcooked...by a LOT...that the calamari was dried out underneath the too greasy batter. And they used what I think of as filler in there...fried pickles and apple slices...if I order calamari give me calamari please not extra stuff to fill up the dish!!
    For entrees I ordered the mussels app as an entree...it was very good! it came with a couple pieces of grilled bread which was good because you'd want to sop up that delicious broth. My only complaint is not particular to this resto though they did it too...WHY do chefs think they have to put sausage in a seafood dish all the time?!! The mussels came with chorizo, I would have rather  it didn't.
    My friend got the eggplant potato moussaka...it didn't look like moussaka and I tried a bite - it didn't taste like moussaka.....the eggplant tasted too...green...not done, something not right, she loved it though.

    The acoustics in the place are pretty bad, everything bounces off of everything. The decor is nice, except I don't think orange walls are right for a restaurant. & eating atmosphere. Our waitress had a very difficult time opening our bottle of wine.  They were out of the sangiovese we ordered so they gave us a nice bottle of Chianti for the same price. Someone came out with a little amuse bouche...potato stuffed with cheese...meh. But it was a nice touch.
    First Printer is OK, I dont think I would go back. If you
    go don't order the calamari!!!

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    Excellent food!! Great atmosphere!

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    Somewhat limited menu but terrific cocktails, especially the Periodista. An excellent atmosphere and friendly waitstaff. Come for drinks!

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