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    Sub par food that fail to meet expectations of bar food.

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    Solid three stars. We don't do the bar, only eat there as its right around the corner and offers more than the other local eateries. Consistently "ok" waitstaff, friendly. Family atmosphere in older dining rooms.

    I've had the chlii, open face tuna melt, patty melt and white fish with crab topping. The seafood offerings are small, better off with a big juicy sandwich. Their onion rings are great! Try the red pepper ranch dressing, really good.

    Varied beer menu, lacking wine one. Pretty good dessert menu.

    Prices are average.

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    Been here a few times but mostly for drinks, but had dinner here last nite and was very good.

    Our server seemed new but was good.  Had the Crab & Clam soup & it was very good.  Also a dozen steamers, they were ok.  Will try mussels next time in.

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