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    Younger, local crowd. Serves full bar and both bottles and draft beer. Has occasional bands. Is the bar open the latest in St. James City - until 12 midnight (or maybe a little later if it's really hopping!).

    Bar seating and some tables. Service is meh. Juke box, some TVs, and live bands on the weekends and during the week in-season.   A couple of pool tables, too, which are usually crowded.

    Casual dress (anything but and you will be pegged as the tourist you are). Bathrooms in the far back corner are relatively clean. Amusing to sit and read all of the signs and slogans posted on the walls.  Watch yourself and your car on the way out.

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    Fun, fun, fun! Saw a great cover band called 'Hung Jury' here last week. Great crowd of locals on St. James City and, while it's difficult to dance among the pool tables, people do! With gusto. Decent bar food and well-stocked bar.
    One of the only establishments who go on til one in the morning.

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