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    Front Street makes great drinks, no complaints there. The prices are good and happy hour specials knock a dollar off of every drink. Food from Sweet Mel's next door can be ordered until well into the evening, which is nice. My only issue with the bar is that it has gotten really popular and less of a relaxed/not-too-loud bar experience.

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    This was my first stop in Laramie, and it made me fall in love with the city. The staff and patrons were completely lovely people, and I felt entirely welcomed. It's a young professional type of clientele, and, for some reason, everyone is totally gorgeous. True story. I went to several over bars while in town, but Front Street stood head and shoulders above the rest. I can't wait to go back!

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    When front street isn't packed from wall to wall, it's a tie for my favourite bar in Laramie (tied with the Library).

    Front Street has the best raspberry mojito on earth. They use an in-house raspberry sauce made in their restaurant. Oh man.

    Unless you're allergic to hipsters, this is a fantastic bar.

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