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    This place is all about the atmosphere and it's so fun.  The burgers and fries are good, the beer is cold and out of a mason jar.  Drinks are good and cheap.  If your in town you must stop here as long as you have no problems with lots of dead animals on the wall

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    The Frontier! One of the mainstay restaurant/bars in this area, the Frontier is the place to go if you want a true Montana dining and bar experience. Set back in the small town of Rexford, the Frontier has some of the best Steaks and Fried Chicken I've ever had. Wooden decor, outdoor patio, good for families. Drinks are cheap, food is pretty reasonable too, and the service is ok. Just be warned that they cant be pretty snobby to out of towners, especially if you look like it! But it's a good place to get some eats and hang out with some taxidermied animals. One of my favorite places to get some grub in this area.

    Beware though, the women's bathroom doesn't have a door, so it's a real "outhouse" kind of experience!

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    Excellent steaks, fried chicken, and burgers! Grilled shrimp a great addition and no shortage of fries. Great service, inexpensive drinks, and very fair prices on everything. Love this place!

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