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    This place is all about the atmosphere and it's so fun.  The burgers and fries are good, the beer is cold and out of a mason jar.  Drinks are good and cheap.  If your in town you must stop here as long as you have no problems with lots of dead animals on the wall

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    The Frontier! One of the mainstay restaurant/bars in this area, the Frontier is the place to go if you want a true Montana dining and bar experience. Set back in the small town of Rexford, the Frontier has some of the best Steaks and Fried Chicken I've ever had. Wooden decor, outdoor patio, good for families. Drinks are cheap, food is pretty reasonable too, and the service is ok. Just be warned that they cant be pretty snobby to out of towners, especially if you look like it! But it's a good place to get some eats and hang out with some taxidermied animals. One of my favorite places to get some grub in this area.

    Beware though, the women's bathroom doesn't have a door, so it's a real "outhouse" kind of experience!

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    Excellent steaks, fried chicken, and burgers! Grilled shrimp a great addition and no shortage of fries. Great service, inexpensive drinks, and very fair prices on everything. Love this place!

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    A very humble little road takes you down off the highway to Rexford town,
    and a nearly hidden place they call the Frontier.
    In Montana, these little roads can bring you to some of the best memories of your life.  

    The Frontier offers a safe, sheltered place to camp.
    Friendly fun, kids with folks til after dinner.

    In the heart of the Kootenai Forest, NE of Libby and in a beautiful ravine created by generations of heaving lava, melting glaciers and ice rivulets, is a pristine valley.   You drive around a stunning 75 mile lake that runs from Libby right into Canada. That's Lake Kookanusa, and there's a small town that has actually been uprooted and moved 3 times, against their will.  That's Rexford.  You've reached the real Montana Frontier, where more battles have been lost than won.

    You see, a river ran through what was a steep, deep valley here, and in places like that things naturally tend to happen, from rockslides to rivers.  Winters are long, forest fires harsh, and life otherwise can be a rocky road for residents here...so stop in to a spend a little money, and enjoy the hardy spirits, leave a bit of cheer.

    Rather than keeping the rare Kokanee Salmon protected in the natural river here forever, power companies and the Feds conspired to call the shots.  Richard Nixon damned the river, and moved everyone from Rexford II - hofurther up the long ravine toward Eureka.  Hopefully, these families have been displaced for their last time.  Visit the Frontier bar to visit these survivors of (others) fortune.  

    Thank goodness the massive lake that was created by the dam is so beautiful. Appaently somehow, a rare sturgeon got up there from the Columbia so maybe that species can be saved, for a little while.

    The Frontier bar is really a restaraunt, that happens to have a full bar. It's a sprawling log building in downtown Rexford III - it's tucked tightly into the remaining  valley above the water line.  No wind will whip your tent, here. You can leave your RV  within eyesight of the bar, and go in to ask about the best spot.  

    Folks in plaid will look at you with curiosity.  Smile have a beer and say: Howdy - got any camping stories?  They'll keep you entertained all night, for free, and probably even buy you a beer.  (Hope you're not afraid of bears - they sow up in story-telling round here)

    No worries, Griz usually stays up in higher country...so camp down in the valleys in high country - otherwise  you jest might git what you deserve for ignoring local wisdom.  Smaller bears are only interested in smelly things and food, and a bit of noise will make em run off, unless you are in a year-round campground with trash cans.

    You can trust MT people in Pendleton Plaid,
    they'll even look out for ya. So relax and chat.  

    Visitors, please, NO flirting in small town culture!  
    Folks have to live it down, if folks misperceive what's goin on.  
    Just be human and have a good time.  
    Gentlemen, kindly apologize before you cuss,
    or you'll be considered an unworthy rogue.
    Local fellers might toss you put on yer ear if you cop an attitude -
    or disrespect women. Saw my dad do that more than once, with the approving nod and full cooperation of the all-observing Bartender to drop the deserving cuss outside, once he'd been discreetly knocked (even more) senseless with a single punch.  

    Sure, rapid, no-talkback bouncing goes on - so control your disgusting city behaviours around the hard-working loggers and ranchers who are just tryin to relax. Yer in their town now, Mister.

    One more story.  My dad and a spontaneous Posse also quickly cleaned house at the Wayside in Trout Creek one time. Tolerance around respectful racists is practiced, but not if you get rude.  Limits get set.  So dad & other Pub regulars invited outside and cleaned the clocks of a bunch of bad-mouthed city Skin-heads - who wouldn't stop using the N-word and loud foul language when asked.  

    Make no mistake, these crusty and disabled Montanans who are unafraid to teach and enforce cultural courtesy - are also aging Korean War Vets. They invited the dang punks outside and did it up right. No more problem with Skinheads in Trout Creek, now that's fer sure!   Country gals feel safer knowing a Pendleton Posse will help get a jerk off their backside if needed.  (Wise to step away from a Clod, before someone thinks assistance is necessary!)

    At Yahoo, I saw Posted about the Frontier:

    by bigmama 06/18/2006

    Best Steak & Chicken Ever: If you want a Great Steak or Deep Fried Chicken, A Big Bugar with or with out cheese and a Good Salad, Jo's Jo's, Garlic Toast and a Soft Drink. Well This is the Place to go. Friendly People and Great Food will be here for the Whole Family. This is a Family Friendly Place.

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