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    Genji has been here in Houston for the longest time and it used to be further down on Westheimer towards Galleria area. But from what I know is that the owner of that lot wanted to demolish the area (which is now a bank with drive thru) and kicked all the tenants out. I think it was a very good move for Genji as this square is known for Daido Japanese Supermarket and it's good to see another Japanese establishment in this square again.

    First, this location is much bigger than the original location, and the higher ceiling helps too as it feels much more roomier. The bar area is also much bigger and there's definitely more tables, seats, and private rooms for people to use. As always, the staff responsiveness depends on how busy the place is. Normally every weekend is very, very busy. There has been weekends I've been to where the place is not packed at all.

    A lot of times my friends and I would get the private room because all you need to do is order enough monetary value of food and drink, you don't have the pay the room rental fee. When you have a group of good friends who does sake bomb and have late night food, it is definitely worth it. The food menu hasn't change and it's definitely worth the price. Especially this is the place where you can get your late night craving of omu-rice, egg omelette covered over Japanese style fried rice. Then of course, if you crave sushi, they do have good amount of rolls and nigiri.

    Other food I would highly recommend is the beef tongue, ramen, and pretty much everything is good when it's late at night and good price for it. For one, this location is much closer to where I live which is a good thing for me, and it's much bigger and less ghetto feel like the previous location is also a plus. I can definitely come here every weekend but your throat can only sing so much before it gives out.

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    Always love coming here. Friendly staff, great food, bad singing, cheap drinks. You couldn't ask for more.

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    My worst experience in 'foody' Houston.
    The atmosphere is dominated by a noisy TV and a mix of chlorine and toilet odurs, everthing else than fresh and comfy.

    Food was horrific: Sashimi is just deep frozen, calamari tempura too and the fried noodles could have been from a random vietnamese street food stall.

    It seems the owner doesn't invest anything in the location and runs it just as a cash cow - by idling bored behind his bar and watching TV.

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